DPF Plumbing is a worldwide supplier of specialty plumbing parts. DPF Plumbing...

                        • Sells, locates and produces products no longer available from the
                          manufacturer (OEM Parts)

                        • Has access to a wide-ranging network of resources for those "impossible to
                          find" and discontinued parts

                        • Does the research and finds solutions for the "trickiest" of plumbing problems

                        • Manufactures and fabricates high quality specialty parts

                  As a member of The Answer Line, LLC., we tap into the world's largest, most                   comprehensive professional "knowledge base" of specialty plumbing supply parts,                   through their online interactive reference tool tha provides detailed repair and                   replacement part information to its members, industry manufacturers, trade                   professionals, wholesalers, and homeowners.

                  Contact us at inquiry@DPFplumbing.co or by phone at 603-417-4800.

                  Use the resources we access regularly. For specific information,
                  go to www.theanswerline.com

                  For general information on toilet repair, click on the links below:

                        Repair a two piece toilet

                        Repair a one piece toilet

                        Repair a wall hung bowl

                        Repair a Flushometer bowl

                        Repair a wall outlet bowl

                        Repair a pressure assisted tank

                        Repair a Flushometer

                        Determine a roughing

                        Determine a specific toilet seat

                        Determine a specific wall carrier

                        Determine a basic Flushometer 

map              Items shipped to over 2,000 cities in 29 countries in the last 2 years!

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